CJMP at Blackberry Street Party


Photo: Aaron White

CJMP is proud to have been part of this year’s Blackberry Street Party, Marine Avenue’s biggest festival. With music, food, dancing and more, the festival drew in locals and tourists to celebrate together and showcase Powell River’s culture, arts, businesses and non-profits. CJMP set up their live radio station at the south end of the festival, channeling the airwaves coming live from the studio and playing them out onto the street. Many thanks to Bad Karen (Every Day is Like Sunday), DJ Kamandi (Cowbell Radio), and DJ TripleDub (Pow!Town Get Down) for their awesome shows which we got to blast onto the street, as well as a big thank-you to everyone who helped set up, staff the booth and take down. Good times were had by all!

Featured: our high-tech equipment for playing radio over our huge speakers and modern sound system: an old Sony Walkman




https://cjmp.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/summersustainCampaignweb_banner1.jpghttps://cjmp.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/summersustainCampaignweb_banner1.jpgSuccessful Sustain Campaign Ends in the Black (berry, that is)

Successful Sustain Campaign Ends in the Black (berry, that is)


by Tara Thurber

To all of you who have now signed up to become a member and/or supporting member of CJMP, thank-you for supporting community radio in the Powell River area! In a couple of days the final numbers should be ready but at this point it looks like we achieved our Sustain Campaign goal of attaining 50 Sustaining Memberships!

We hope to find new ways to utilize that funding in more creative, useful and valuable ways so that your support goes further and we become more productive as we develop and refine our systems of facilitating volunteer energies, skills and talents towards creating independent, intelligent, and representative media for our area and beyond!

To all of you who come in to CJMP every week and contribute countless hours of your time, energy and resources to producing quality content for our listeners, thank-you, without you, CJMP wouldn’t exist at all!


To all of you who showed up for Blackberry Fest yesterday, rain clouds looming, and helped us put up what looked like the most detailed, creative and truly intentional space at the festival with the Photo Booth, Mask-making table, CJMPortal and stellar music stage! Thank-you so much for following through and making that such a wonderful and memorable evening!summersustainCampaignweb_banner1.jpg
As we move into the fall we would like to plan some activities around developing and honing our skills at managing our volunteer base in more valuable ways and we want to know what more you could get out of your participation at CJMP so that we can do so! Enjoy the rest of summer 2014 and we will keep you posted on what we are planning for the next season shortly!

Again, thank-you everyone for making CJMP such a groovy and politically appropriate entity in this day and age, it is my extreme honour to be working with all of you!

We attained and surpassed our goal of 50 sustaining members!

We attained and surpassed our goal of 50 sustaining members!

Tara Thurber

Membership Outreach Coordinator
CJMP 90.1 FM, Powell River Community Radio Society
Office: 604-485-0088


https://cjmp.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/allimagesnew.jpghttps://cjmp.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/allimagesnew.jpghttps://cjmp.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/allimagesnew.jpgThe Sustain Campaign July 15 – August15

The Sustain Campaign July 15 – August15

sustainstrings (1)CJMP 90.1 FM is excited to announce the Summer 2014 Sustain Campaign Membership Drive! The CJMP Sustain Campaign will run for one month from July 15th through August 15th culminating with the “CJMP Masquerade Contest” at Powell River’s 2014 Blackberry Festival.

CJMP only needs $500 of guaranteed income to meet our monthly costs. By joining the Sustain Campaign, your monthly donation of $10 (or more) ensures that we can focus on more groundbreaking alternative media education and opportunities for our community rather than the basics.

What are “sustaining memberships”?

Sustaining members donate a chosen monthly amount which automatically comes from their bank (via Interac transactions), charged to their credit card, or coming from their PayPal or debit account automatically. You can become a “sustainer” of CJMP for as little as $10 a month. Check out our PayPal drop menu for other options.

Want to help for the Blackberry Fest?

The CJMP Masquerade Contest is being coordinated by long-time volunteer and host of the Latin Hour, Lola. (Monday’s at 2PM) You might know her as Dolores De La Torre, who volunteered to organize this years party! She hopes CJMP can bring more life and colour to our end of the street festival!

CJMP’s new Membership Outreach Coordinator, Tara Thurber is excited, “We’re looking forward to launching our “CJMPortal” box where people can have their community message recorded on the street and send it out to the listening world via CJMP. We’ll be looking for volunteers to help us run the band stage, operate the CJMP Photo Booth, help out with sound and of course help with the Masquerade! The more of us involved, the more fun this will all be so don’t hold back, join your community-radio community for this event!”

Contact Tara to contribute time, energy and ideas to CJMP! She can be reached at membership@cjmp.ca, 604-483-1712 or “Tara Thurber” on Facebook.

CJMP Sustain Campaign July 15-Aug 15 Janet says: 'It takes many voices to raise a Community”

CJMP Sustain Campaign
July 15-Aug 15
Janet says: ‘It takes many voices to raise a Community”

Meghan says "I support CJMP because it's the most local and immediate way to support independent media - an endangered species!"

Meghan says “I support CJMP because it’s the most local and immediate way to support independent media – an endangered species!”