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About half of PRCRS’s 77-person strong membership showed up for our third public General Meeting on Dec. 3 at 5:30 to share some news, all of it good! That’s a great turnout! Thanks for taking a small bite out of your weekend to come out, folks! Next time (Jan 14, 2011) bring a friend or neighbour along as well. The agenda focused on the working teams’ progress plus some updates on plans initiated at the last General Meeting about one month ago; these included:

PayPal options for membership and contributions all set up (see here);
Our prototype schedule is coming along nicely, with new playlist software (see below), and a special Friday live show line-up;
Our logo is done (see the header image above), with our new name : Powell River Community Radio. Thanks to Meghan Hildebrand for designing the logos. Any and all colour schemes are acceptable for the logo and we encourage everyone who wants to, to create CJMP posters for distribution — just send a copy to our MOP (Membership, Outreach, Promotions) Team first for an “OK”; or better yet, join this team! Email our admin;
Our membership goal of 100 members by Xmas is at 77!! Give a gift membership for Xmas, and get a free lovely card designed by Meghan Hildebrand. Click here;
You may now buy memberships at several locations around town, including Ecossentials/Trendzessence, CMG Printing and Kingfisher Used Books, all on Marine Avenue, plus more locations coming soon! Pay in cash ($10) or make a cheque out to PRCRS;
The first CJMP fundraiser (for this new board) was hosted and managed by Ari of Pow!Town Productions and raised a whopping $700! We can’t express how thankful we are, for there is much back-rent to pay… speaking of which…
The CJMP Fundraising Team needs more energy and hands and talent! Join up today (just respond to this post with some info and we’ll get back to you). This team is working on setting up an advisory board and call out to businesses to sponsor a show or subscribe to an ad package, plus looking at grant application options. Lots to do!

Dec 3 2010 Public Meeting at the CRC

Dec 3 2010 Public Meeting at the CRC

The CJMP Policies Team is working very hard to set up the groundwork re: programming, advertising/sponsorships, conflict resolution, membership, fundraising, etc.
The Board will be working on a Values statement as well, to guide policy.
The Tech Committee has secured some donated and borrowed equipment to make live broadcasting viable in the very near future (well before out Dec 15 deadline for some live programming, in fact). Stay tuned on that end of things. If you have any expertise or experience with broadcast or even HAM radio, contact us (just reply to this post) and we’ll get in touch with you!
Our Fundraising period ends on Jan 15, 2011 and we have raised 2/3 of our goal amount of $3,000 by Jan 15!!
There are several fundraising events coming up, including outreach events like the Santa Claus parade and the Punk show on Dec 11th.
CJMP is ready for YOUR program proposals and for suggested sponsorship agreements– so if you have an idea of a business or two (or more) that somehow ‘clicks’ with your show proposal, reach out to them and see how they feel, then add that info onto your program proposal or let us know somehow. A full list of sponsorship/advertising options will be available within a week or so.

Dec 3 General Meeting
Tutoring sessions on our equipment will start very soon, but in the meantime, you can actually get a lot done right at home: you can familiarize yourself with the three bits of software that you’ll be using as a programmer there is a free version of StationPlaylist Creator (which programs what music will play when — the station now has a full licensed, paid up version of this software), but more importantly, get comfy with Audacity and Winamp (both are free and we are using the free versions at the station as well).

Station Playlist (free limited time, incomplete download),
Winamp (free version, functional),
Audacity (free, full-functioning)
We especially need station ID’s:

“You are listening to CJMP, Powell River Community Radio 90.1 FM/ 89.1 Shaw Cable, operated by the Powell River Community Radio Society. We are listener-supported, non-profit, independent radio in Powell River BC. Please become a member. Visit us at”

We were out there for the Santa Claus parade (see our NEW YouTube channel, by the way). Fun! Bad Karen recorded dozens of people plugging CJMP. Can’t wait to get them on air! Thanks, you baddie!

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