Cardboard Box with host Jacques Le Cube

Cardboard Box is pure electro funk. Several times a month, host Jacques Le Cube presents “Cube Bass”, an exploration of contemporary dance music with a cubic twist. Other weeks will feature either “Hackers” (what if the Matrix Zion rave lasted forever?) or “Cube Roots” (a history of dance music as according to Le Cube).

Jacques Le Cube is a lifelong devotee to music, his passion for electro sounds starting early on in his 6-sided life. Cutting his teeth as psytrance and chillout dj Spaceman Spliff, Jacques later moved to writing his own psychedelic breakbeats as Cannabinoid. His illustrious resume as Cannabinoid includes such unforgettable performances as Diversity 2011 and McKinney’s Pub in 2012. After a few years away from djing, Jacques is back behind the decks with a fresh and funky sound.

On CJMP 90.1 FM from 9:00 to 11:00 PM every Saturday.