A Note From Our Program Director

CJMP Powell River BC Community Radio

CJMP Powell River BC Community Radio

We ended 2012 with a Programming Record: three new shows starting in three consecutive months. We are on track for a fourth with our latest programmer in training Emma showing all signs of being ready in January.

Lady Nightingale of Country Roads and Celtic Bliss (Saturdays 1PM -3PM, Roger of Slack Tide (Sundays 9AM-11AM), and Veronika and Catherine of The Extra Mile (Wednesdays 8PM-9PM) are sounding fantastic as they soar into their second, third and fourth months on the air.

And now…. May I proudly announce Maelstrom Mondays! A night for you to catch up on some of our favorite shows that you may have missed the first time around.

Beginning at 7PM Monday nights we launch into Wednesday nights’ Fuzz // Phase // Delay with Trevor Refix, followed by Friday nights’ line up of David and The Unending Subtleties of RIver Power and Bad Karen’s Every Day Is Like Sunday. (Do you feel the Maelstrom? That’s Wednesday, Friday and not really Sunday all again on Monday.)

Other rebroadcasts added to our schedule include:

By the Letter with Barry McLaren (org. Sat 6-8) – Tuesday’s 8Pm-10PM
The Training Wheel with Zoe (org. Mon 11-1) – Saturday’s 11AM-1PM
The Great Composers with John Silver (org. Tue 4-5)- Sunday’s 8AM-9AM

(be sure to look under “our programs” for descriptions of all of these wonderful shows!)

Thanks by the truck load to David Parkinson of The Unending Subtleties of River Power for updating all this and stay tuned for even more changes to the schedule in the New Year!

Programmers meet monthly (ish) for skill development sessions as well as updates on people and policies, new music and interview possibilities, volunteer positions that are open, etc. If you have suggestions for these sessions (areas you teach in or areas you would like to learn) or agenda items you would like to discuss, please email programdirector@cjmp.ca. January’s Programmers Meeting is tentatively set for Saturday January 26th at 4PM at the station. During December we talked about bringing depth to our programming. We discussed the importance of the Audience and the Narrative of a radio show. Always an interesting conversation with lots of laughs.

I deeply appreciate the time and effort of our programmers as they continue to bring local music and information to our community while bringing global audiences streaming into Powell River . (literally and figuratively) I am honoured to work with you and help your voice get heard.

Thanks for listening everyone!


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