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cjmpScheduleProgressMembers of the Powell River Community Radio Society have hit the ground running, as team meetings started this week! The Programming and newly named POM-POM (formerly Promotions-Outreach-Membership) teams met separately to plan, plot and devise next steps. The other teams will be meeting this week. The PRCRS board also met and is preparing for the big Public Gathering at the Community Resource Centre (4752 Joyce Ave) on Friday, January 14th at 5:30 PM sharp. Lots of news and special announcements on our membership and fundraising goals (our funding and membership drive deadline is Jan 15, 2011), and even more exciting news from our teams and hopefully from YOU, too. Everyone is welcome to attend. Memberships will be available ($10) and donations very graciously accepted.

So… join us this coming Friday at 5:30PM for our special Public Gathering of like-minded radioheads PLUS enjoy our Finger Food Pot-Luck & Misfit Gift Swap. Here’s how it’ll go: To make this as fun as possible, think ahead: did you receive anything this year, last year… that you simply didn’t need or couldn’t use (but is still new)? Books? Kitchen implements? Clothes? Tools? Toys? Gadgets? Knick-knacks? Join us! Let’s make a little party out of it.

misfitCJMP2-300x231Bring in:

Some finger food ( e.g. cut veggies, chips, dips, guacamole, houmus, salad rolls, desserty treats, nothing too messy… and only if you can); PLUS
Something you got for Xmas or some other gift that you can’t/ won’t use, and re-gift it (only if you can). No packaging required. Anything goes (i.e. not “just toys”). It’s our way of freecycling in the new year.
Drop your gift(s) off at the door on your way in, and relax.
After the meeting, we’ll share some food and swap some gifts.
Remember.. you don’t need to bring gifts or food to attend.
The gathering is free and promises to be a fun time.
Families and kids welcome!
Any leftover gifts will be used for a springtime CJMP “Members’ Garage Sale” fundraiser!
If you have a CJMP poster or show idea to submit, bring it along!

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