The Unending Subtleties of River Power


Join host David Parkinson every Friday from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM (Cascadia Zone) and for the rebroadcast on Wednesdays from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM for two hours of all things psychedelic: music that stretches out and offers up grand spaces to wander around in; music with bad habits; noise; mayhem; one-chord wonders; endless grooves; dots, lines, squares, cubes, & tesseracts; anything that provokes/nullifies thought & emotion, and does it without being slushy new-age pap. Kids, your father and I need you to know that we’re in the middle of a goddamned psychedelic revival, coming at you from all around the planet (and beyond); every Friday we capture some of it in a Klein bottle and watch it glow. It’s loud, it’s messy, it’s precise, it goes on and on and on and some can’t stand the waiting for something to happen. But something is always happening.

Here comes the sound, the sound of confusion.

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Here is the past year of playlists, to give you an idea of what we’re up to:

January 12, 2018

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Gaussian Blur & Beach Debris
Psychic Lemon: Exit To The Death Lane
Suishou No Fune: Endless Descent
Mt. Mountain: Cathedral
Kungens Män: Dag
Lunar Grave: JJ-180
Earthling Society: Sunshine Radiation
Bardo Pond: Kailash
Electric Moon: Stardust (The Picture)
Primitive Knot: Death Mists Of G’harne
The Final Age: There Will Be Waste
Dead Sea Apes: Universal Translator
White Glow: High Above
Here Lies Man: Belt Of The Sun

January 5, 2018

Stupid Cosmonaut: Rephlex
White Manna: Slow Dust
Black Heart Death Cult, The: SuperDomo
The Spacelords: Metamorphosis
Headroom: Head In The Clouds
Terceiro Olho de Marte: Intro Jam – Plasma [Ao Vivo na Boldo]
Landing: Page After Page
Emeralds: Search For Me In The Wasteland
Runa Gaman: Solaris
Kill West: Faces
Mt. Mountain: FX / My Love
Hawkeyes: Creator Destroyer
The Radiation Flowers: Stuck In A Maze
Plankton Wat: The Everflowing Stream

December 29, 2017

Bardo Pond: Mescalito Pt. 1
Earthling Society: In The Garden
Lamagaia: Aurora
Flowers Must Die: Källa Till Ovisshet & Hit
Boogarins: Auchma (Live)
Culto al Qondor: Amenecer en Tres Cruces
Nuvem Leopardo: Nvit e os Jardins do Infinito Prazer
Dhidalah: No Water
The Myrrors: Tea House Music

December 22, 2017

Culto al Qondor: Antiguos Dioses Sobre Chilca
Earthling Society: Babylon Grove
Carlton Melton: Hidden Lights
Primitive Knot: Solstice Ritual Practice: Dissolving The Temporal Otherstone
Mt. Mountain: I Don’t Mind
Hotel Wrecking City Traders: Quasar
Hills: Rainship (Solregn)
Plankton Wat: Fields Of Rememberance
Mountain Movers: Angels Don’t Worry
Helicon: Teenage Murder
The Telescopes: Become The Sun
Vuelveteloca: Carnaval
The Auras: Ultra Luscious
Exnovios: Es por ti

December 15, 2017

The Spacelords: Liquid Sun
Psychic Lemon: Death Cult Blues
Helicon: Valmiki
Lamagaia: Panorama Vju
Ash & Herb: Cap & Stem
Prana Crafter: Holy Tempel Of Flow
Plankton Wat: The Inward Reflection
Kungens Män: Samtidigt
Boogarins: Corredor Polonês
Familia De Lobos: Todo Lo Que Brilla
Here Lies Man: Here Lies Man
Paleons: Quicksilver Snake
Electric Eye: Serenity

December 8, 2017

Earthling Society: Zen Bastard
Radar Men From The Moon: Abstractions And Society
Psychic Lemon: Interstellar Fuzz Star
Ash & Herb: Club Colors
Bitchin Bajas: Circles On Circles
Here Lies Man: When I Come To
Kungens Män: Ett tappat perspektiv
White Manna: You Are The Movie
Helicon: Devil On Your Tongue
Dead Rabbits: Get Me Over There
White Shape: Red Giant
Kikagaku Moyo: In A Coil
John Maus: Bombs Away
The Radiation Flowers: Colours

December 1, 2017

Zong: Cosmic Embryo
Mugstar: My Babyskull Has Not Yet Flowered
Primitive Knot: Helixes Of Unlight
Gnoomes: Severokamsk (Julie’s Haircut Remix)
The Telescopes: Dead Inside
Radar Men From The Moon: Drunk With God
Heron Oblivion: Rama (Live)
The Warlocks: Dead Generation & Chameleon (Live)
Helicon: Seraph
White Shape: The Struggle For Air
Mohama Saz: Mañana en las montañas
Saccades: In And Out

November 17, 2017

Plastic Crimewave Syndicate: No Place
Zong: Arcane Sand
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol & Crab Boat: Hepsibah
Les Lekin: Morph
Heron Oblivion: Crossroads (Live)
Sundays & Cybele: Paradise Come
Melange: Splendor Solis
Bike: Terra em Chamas
Nuvem Leopardo: Crescente
White Manna: English Breakfast
Vuelveteloca: Alta Montana
Sunn Cycle: Acid Raga

November 10, 2017

Kungens Män: Morgonrodnad
10 000 Russos: Baden Baden Baden (Live)
Electric Eye: The Diamond Sutra
Headroom: How To Grow Evil Flowers
White Manna: Trampoline
Heaters: Pearls
The Red Belmont: Is This Real
The Myrrors: Lunar Halo, Pt. 1
Goat: Time For Fun (Live)
Melange: Armas Preparadas
Chicos De Nazca: Bring Me Out
Vuelveteloca: Ataque masivo
Dead Rabbits: That Was Then But This Is Now
Hawkeyes: Orange Monkey (Hotter Reprise)
Ariel Pink: Dedicated To Bobby Jameson

November 3, 2017

Charlottas Burnin’ Trio: From Nothing To Eternity
The Myrrors: Lunar Halo, Pt. 2
Moonwood: Cosmic Ghosts
Electric Eye: Rock på Norska
The Spacelords: Metamorphosis
Vuelveteloca: La niebla
Bike: 1943
White Manna: Freak
Herbcraft: A Knock At The Door In Your Mind
The Red Belmont: Inner Mood
Exnovios: Cuántas cosas por hacer

October 27, 2017

Vuelveteloca: Cientologia & Altiplano
The Spacelords: Nag Kanya
Headroom: The Second Blazing Star
Goat: Talk To God (Live)
Cobra Family Picnic: Gilgamesh
Moths & Locusts: Strange Space
Scattered Purgatory: Dream Of A Yellow Sorghum
Exnovios: Buscando un hogar
Heaters: Hochelaga
Tengger: Ollim
Julie’s Haircut: Gathering Light
Paleons: Moon Dragon
The Warlocks: Baby Blue (Live)
Telescopes, The: The Desert In Your Heart
Magic Shoppe: High Goodbye
Bike: 1943

October 20, 2017

Electric Moon: (You Will) Live Forever Now
The Warlocks: Red Camera (Live)
Hotel Wrecking City Traders: Droned & Disowned (Part 1)
Headroom: Flower Of Light
Bardo Pond: Crossover
The Spacelords: Plasma Thruster
Heron Oblivion: Rama
Suishou No Fune: The Rose Has Bloomed
White Manna: Eshra
The Janitors: Neon Time

October 13, 2017

The Spacelords: Black Hole
The Myrrors: Tea House Music
Tonstartssbandht: Breathe
Moths & Locusts: Acid Cloud Part 2 & Scream
Prana Crafter: Luminous Clouds
Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Bosses Hang, Pts. I-III
Long Slow Dissolve: Where The Eye Does Not See
Cathode Ray Eyes: People / Evil
Vuelveteloca: Shakers
Tengger: Geuglag Wangsaeng
The Mountain Movers: Everyone Cares
The Radiation Flowers: Dancing (Burnout)

October 6, 2017

Moths & Locusts: Acid Cloud Part 1 & Sea Hell
Julie’s Haircut: Zukunft
Ariel Pink: Santa’s In The Closet
Hotel Wrecking City Traders: Phantamonium
Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Anthem For No State Pts. I-III
Scattered Purgatory: Antrabhava
Tengger: Donggrami
Vuelveteloca: Cobra
Firefriend: The Black Hole
JuJu: In A Ghetto
Mt. Mountain: White Horses
The Radiation Flowers: Dancing In Flames

September 22, 2017

Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Undoing A Luciferian Towers
Hotel Wrecking City Traders: Entering The Lodge
Pink Floyd: Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Live)
Julie’s Haircut: Koan
Long Slow Dissolve: Smoke Til The Clouds Be Low
Mt. Mountain: FX / My Love
Moths & Locusts: Genghis Khan
The Backhomes: If You Want It
Hawkeyes: The Charred Skull Of McLean Stevenson
Dead Rabbits: You Already Know
The Telescopes: Down On Me
JuJu: Death By Beautiful Things
Fifty Foot Hose: Red The Sign Post
Exnovios: Plantas de interior
Electric Eye: Sometimes You Got To Jump To Lift Your Feet
Cathode Ray Eyes: Take The Darkness Again
Kazuo Tsubouchi With Kakkoi Wakamono Tachi: Cold Morning
Ariel Pink: Dreamdate Narcissist

September 15, 2017

Suishou No Fune: Gathering Stars / Become A Flower
Saccades: Distant Sea
Hotel Wrecking City Traders: Chasing The Tendrils
Earthling Society: Ascent To Godhead Part 2
Mt. Mountain: I Don’t Mind
Exnovios: No voy a esperar
Shooting Guns: United Fruit
Black Springs: Staying In Again
The Radiation Flowers: Stuck In A Maze
The Telescopes: You Can’t Reach What You Can’t Hunger
Dead Rabbits: Everything Is A Lie
Melange: Rio Revuelto
Chicos De Nazca: Hey Lord, Hey Babe

August 25, 2017

Earthling Society: Electric Bou Saada
The Janitors: HrOmRxN
Cathode Ray Eyes: Goodbye 21st Century
Moths & Locusts: Strange Space
Electric Eye: Invisible Prison
White Shape: Space Reaper
Dhidalah: Astro (Part 1)
Hierofante: Sangsar
Hills: National Drone (Live)
Mauna Kea: Sono Paradoxal
Saccades: Bleeding Colours

August 18, 2017

Sundays & Cybele: The Fate #1
Hierofante: Caos
Heavy Moon: Pink Eagles Pts. 2 & 3
Dead Gurus: Black Silk
Mugstar: Beyond The Sun
Cobra Family Picnic: Elysium
Surya Kris Peters: Dream Exit
Primitive Knot: Stigmata Of The Descending Hierarchy
Kill West: D.U.E.L.
Moon Duo: White Rose (Live)
10 000 Russos: Germinal
Bike: 7 flechas e o Rei Lagarto

August 4, 2017

Klaus Schulze: Mindphaser
Cobra Family Picnic: Contact
Lamagaia: Aurora
Mt. Mountain: Outro
The Myrrors: Hasta la victoria
Bike: A montanha sagrada
White Shape: Sky Burial
Paleons: The Tree Of Pansophia
Buried Feather: Well Wishes
The Radiation Flowers: Never Fade
Electric Eye: Morning Light (Live)

July 28, 2017

Mountain Movers: I Could Really See Things
Flowers Must Die: Motvals
The Entrance Band: Fine Flow
Runa Gaman: Duna Creciente
Prince Rupert’s Drops: Rosy Red
Suishou No Fune: Til We Meet Again
Heavy Moon: Another Pink Dawn
10 000 Russos: Radio 1
Kikagaku Moyo: Nobakitani
The Radiation Flowers: 33 Floors Up

July 21, 2017

Stupid Cosmonaut: Proxima Centauri
Vintage Cucumber: Morgiana’s Dschinn
Sundays & Cybele: Mystic Ocean & Waiting For You
Mountain Movers: Angels Don’t Worry
Landing: Together
Hills: Schlaraffenland
Hawkeyes: Creator Destroyer
The Radiation Flowers: Just Go Away
Kill West: Heavy
The Myrrors: Organ Mantra
Heaters: Séance
Capra Informis: Tunnels Of Qliphoth

July 7, 2017

Dhidalah: No Water
Flowers Must Die: Devastation
Slowdive: Star Roving
Centralstödet: I E
Hills: You Talk The Talk
Grumbling Fur: Golden Simon
Shooting Guns: Trans Night
The Radiation Flowers: Sunrise
White Glow: Silently
Flying Saucer Attack: Wish
White Shape: Disappearer
The Beta Band: She’s The One
Amon Düül II: Race From Here To Your Ears (a) Little Tornadoes

June 30, 2017

The Myrrors: Hasta La Victoria
Flowers Must Die: Hipp Hipp Hurra
Boogarins: Corredor Polonês
Hawkeyes: Atom Heart Motherfuckers Never Learn
The Radiation Flowers: Summer Of Burnout
Mugstar: Sunburnt Impedance Machine
Kill West: Skull & Bones Blues
Electric Eye: Turn Around, Face The Sun
Electric Moon: The Loop
Paleons: Andromeda, The Tomb Of The Sun
Vintage Cucumber: Fliegender Teppich
Los Acidos: Al otro lado
Capra Informis: In Pursuit
Chicos De Nazca: Time Daze

June 16, 2017

Mugstar: Radar King
Stupid Cosmonaut: The Demon Star Pilot
Spiritualized: I Think I’m In Love
Kazuo Tsubouchi With Kakkoii Wakamono Tachi: Like A Wind
Electric Moon: Stardust (The Picture)
Bike: Do caos ao cosmos
Cobra Family Picnic: Frost
Prana Crafter: Drone Of Many Colors
Moon Duo: New Dawn
Eternal Tapestry: Galactic Derelict
Farflung: You Will Kill For Me
Flowers Must Die: Svens Song
Kikagaku Moyo: Trilobites

June 9, 2017

Mugstar: Serra
Runa Gaman: Golem
Bardo Pond: Mescalito Pt. 2
Cobra Family Picnic: Contact
Heavy Moon: Black Eagle Nebula
Flowers Must Die: Montana
White Manna: Illusion Of Illusion
Chicos De Nazca: Keep It Strong
Boogarins: Onda Negra
Magic Shoppe: Lost In Space

June 2, 2017

Electric Moon: (You Will) Live Forever Now
Bike: O Retorno de Saturno
Bardo Pond: Mescalito Pt. 1
Joseph Of Kirezi: Wasteland
Heavy Moon: Pink Eagles (Slight Return)
Moon Duo: Sevens
Boogarins: Auchma (Live)
Landing: Tape
White Hills: A Trick Of The Mind
Kazuo Tsubouchi With Kakkoii Wakamono Tachi: Monologue Of The Dream
Chicos De Nazca: Stay
Kill West: Faces
Magic Shoppe: My Mind’s Eye

May 5, 2017

Bike: Psicomagia
Joseph of Kirezi: Psycho Soda (A.K.A. Seven Up)
Moon Duo: Mirror’s Edge
Stupid Cosmonaut: Signals From A Dying Star
Flowers Must Die: Källa Till Ovisshet & Hit
Runa Gaman: Duna Creciente
Hills: Are You Real
Paleons: Urizen
Hierofante: Karma
The Janitors: Neon Times
Los Acidos: Viajes

April 28, 2017

Föllakzoid Feat. J. Spaceman: Earth
Vintage Cucumber: Abu’s Honig
10 000 Russos: Europa Kaput
Flowers Must Die: Why?
Kikagaku Moyo: Nobakitani
Paleons: Sun At The Eastern Gate
The Red Belmont: White On White
Tonstartssbandht: Sorcerer (Live)
The Cosmic Dead: Psych Is Dead
Stupid Cosmonaut: Passing Between Dancing Giants
The Janitors: Into The Woods
Centralstödet: Gräva Grav/Två Nyktra Veckor Senare
Boogarins: 6000 Dias (Ou Mantra Dos 20 Anos)
Farflung: Being Boiled

April 21, 2017

Föllakzoid Feat. J. Spaceman: Electric
Farflung: Axis Mundi
Centralstödet: I E
Electric Moon: The Loop
The Janitors: Horn Ur Marken
Kikagaku Moyo: Backlash
Elkhorn: Depraved Heart
Bike: Terra em Chamas
Annunaki: Mount Of Saturn
Firefriend: Orange And Blue
Holy Mount: Seasons

April 14, 2017

Tonstartssbandht: Opening
Flowers Must Die: Möt Väggen
10 000 Russos: ISM
Centralstödet: Monokelklåda
Farflung: We Wish For Wounds
Firefriend: Quiet Vampires
Stupid Cosmonaut: Barus
Life Education: The Night Hunt
Chicos De Nazca: Hey Lord, Hey Babe
Buried Feather: Regular Creep
Elkhorn: Spiritual
Bike: O Retorno de Satorno
Boogarins: Elogio à Instituição do Cinismo
Exnovios: Ahhhh!

April 7, 2017

Gnod: Bodies For Money
Hills: Och Solen Sänkte Sig Röd (Live)
Tonstartssbandht: Breathe
Moon Duo: Lost In Light
Boogarins: Infinu (Live)
Bardo Pond: Moment To Moment
Gnoomes: One Step & ADSR Eugraph
Firefriend: Dreamscapes
Elkhorn: The Black River
Prana Crafter: Luminous Clouds
Bike: A Montanha Sagrada
Chicos De Nazca: I’ve Fallen Into The Sea
Life Education: Theory

March 24, 2017

Hills: Master Sleeps (Live)
Mt. Mountain: Dust
Prana Crafter: As The Weather Commands
Dire Wolves: Fogged Out (Two)
Electric Eye: 6 AM (Live)
Bardo Pond: Out Of Reach
The Cosmic Dead: Khartomb
Exnovios: Plantas de interior
The Asteroid No. 4: Broken Moon
Dead Sea Apes: Pale Anxieties
Primitive Knot: Necro Future
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester: Farewell Aldebaran

March 17, 2017

Hills: National Drone (Live)
Bardo Pond: Purple
Centralstödet: Hösthypomani
Prana Crafter: Vajra Mountain Flow
Elkhorn: Seven Arrows
Dhidalah: Astro (Part 1)
Dead Gurus: Song For Saraswati
Rise Of The Echo Drone: Skull Grinder
Kikagaku Moyo: In A Coil
Eat Lights Become Lights: Getting Dressed For The Future
Gnoomes: Cascais

March 10, 2017

Sundays & Cybele: Paradise Come
Moon Duo: Cross-Town Fade
All Them Witches: 3-5-7
Gnoomes: Severokamsk
Eat Lights Become Lights: Set Fire To The Sun (Supernova Mix)
Heavy Moon: Orbital Drift
Dreamtime: Ascension
The Asteroid No. 4: Ticking Timebomb
Buried Feather: Sunshine
Dead Gurus: Celestial Fuzz
Dead Sea Apes: Low Resolution
La Hell Gang: The Beginning Remains The End
Verma: White Heat
Magic Shoppe: Head On The Floor
Mt. Mountain: Elevation

March 3, 2017

Dire Wolves: Cerebration Day
Flowers Must Die: Berg
All Them Witches: Bulls
Eat Lights Become Lights: Nature Reserve (Extended)
Sundays & Cybele: Tell Me The Name Of That Flower
The Lucid Dream: Sweet Hold On Me
Earthling Society: Zen Bastard
Moon Duo: The Death Set
Buried Feather: Mind Of The Swarm
Magic Shoppe: Interstellar Car Crash
Guerra despues de la fiesta G.D.D.L.F.: Colores que nos quieren ocultar
Minami Deutsch: Terra Recipe

February 17, 2017

Earthling Society: Outsideofintime
Tolchock: Circle Leaf
Morgan Delt: The Age Of The Birdman
Flying Saucer Attack: Islands
Heavy Moon: Brother XII
Moss Folk: Morning Candle
Psychic Earth: Chariot
White Hills: Forever In Space (Enlightened)
Moon Duo: The Death Set
The Lucid Dream: Mona Lisa
Sundays & Cybele: Paradice Lost
The Myrrors: Juanito Laguna

February 10, 2017

The Cosmic Dead: Drone Rivers
All Them Witches: Bruce Lee
Flowers Must Die: Berga
Yuri Gagarin: Za Kosmosom
Moon Duo: Cult Of Moloch
Buried Feather: Screen Dreamer
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Eat The Maraca
Roy Montgomery: Slow Heroes
Primitive Knot: The Rites Of Saturn
White Shape: Cult Sleep
Earthling Society: Eddie
Lamagaia: Oktopus Kosmonaut
Mt. Mountain: Diablo
Dreamtime: Celestial Spores

February 3, 2017

Moon Duo: White Rose
Heavy Moon: The Manic Blues Of Madame Z
Buried Feather: Well Wishes
Sundays & Cybele: Butterfly’s Dream
Black Doldrums: City Lights
Föllakzoid: IV, III, II, I
Rise Of The Echo Drone: Getting Higher
Suishou No Fune & Numinous Eye: Space Cruising
White Hills & Gnod: Spaced Man
Deigen: Cosmic Upside Down
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Kolban
Virtual Haze: From Beyond

January 27, 2017

Dhidalah: GRB
Dire Wolves: Fuck The Pipeline
White Glow: High Above
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Lonesome Cowgirl Jill / Sunburst Finish
Adama: Levitate
Can: Spray
The Cult Of Dom Keller: Worlds (Live)
Heavy Moon: Another Pink Dawn
Flowers Must Die: Taskig Stämning Annars
Sundays & Cybele: Black Rainbow
Yuri Gagarin: At The Center Of All Infinity
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation: Sister Green Eyes

January 20, 2017

Lamagaia: Panorama Vju
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Kolban
SIANspheric: Snakebit Horse
Bardo Pond: Green
Buried Feather: Dust
The Cult Of Dom Keller: Behind All Evil Is A Black Hole (Live)
Sleepkit: Cosmic Almanac
Jons: Dobro Genius
Centralstödet: Yttre Hybriderna
Yuri Gagarin: Sonic Invasion 2910
Dreamtime: The Sentient
All Them Witches: Blood And Sand / Milk And Endless Waters
Roy Montgomery: 10538 Overdrive
Psychic Earth: Kingdom
Landing: Clouds II

January 13, 2017

Lamagaia: Aurora
Yuri Gagarin: The New Order
Slowdive: Star Roving
Heavy Moon: Another Red Desert
The Myrrors: Rayuela
Dire Wolves: Enter Quietly
Goat: Goatfuzz
Control Of The Going: She
The Lucid Dream: Epitaph
Cambrian Explosion: Mugen = Mugen
Chicos De Nazca: All Within One
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation: Looking For You
Holydrug Couple, The: River Scene
Los Acidos: Paseo