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“Smoke Break” Rejiggered: New Time and Day

NEW TIME and DAY! Mondays : 8-8:30pm on CJMP 90.1fm and screaming online at http://cjmp.ca/listen 

Smoke Break :  The-talking-about-quitting-marijuana-show-while-listening-to-music-show
Your hosts,  Euro and Friend, will explore  thoughts and feelings and offer unprofessional advice on how to cope with the less-awesome side effects of being newly straight.
musical influences : lo-fi-punks, helicopters, fado

Giovanni Spezzacatena

About the author: Giovanni (aka Rabideye) former Board Member of PRCRS, former Community Engagement/Producer and currently volunteer programmer for 1000 Tiny Magnets (Fri.1-3PM and rebroadcasts Sat. 10Pm-Midnight) Check out hiw art and radio work at http://www.rabideye.com http://1000tinymagnets.wordpress.com

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