Let’s Talk Trash


The Let’s Talk Trash radio show is an on-air live initiative of the Powell River Regional District’s Waste Management Education Program. One live radio show is broadcast on the last Thursday of each month from 5-6pm. Tune in and join the zero waste movement, learn about local recycling options, waste reduction opportunities and current news from the forefront in waste management both in and around our community. Zero waste is a key component of sustainability and we invite you to journey down this path with us!
Catch past episodes rebroadcast other Thursdays at 5PM and Saturdays at 4PM

To access our archive of episodes visit the Let’s Talk Trash team’s website at: letstalktrash.ca
Our weekly podcasts can also be heard on CJMP’s podcast page: podcast.cjmp.ca
If you have questions about anything waste related don’t hesitate to contact us at letstalktrashteam@gmail.com or call 604.414.0647