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Brooks Thunderbass (NEW show by Brooks Secondary Students)


CJMP’s News Director Carrie Swiggum shows the Brooks Secondary crew around the admittedly tight CJMP Studio. Their new music and chat program Thunderbass airs 3 times per week on…

  • Wednesdays 10:30-11am
  • Rebroadcasting on Fridays at Noon-12:30PM
  • Rebroadcasting ┬áSaturdays 10:30am-11am!

*photo credit Mel Edgar

Giovanni Spezzacatena

About the author: Giovanni (aka Rabideye) former Board Member of PRCRS, former Community Engagement/Producer and currently volunteer programmer for 1000 Tiny Magnets (Fri.1-3PM and rebroadcasts Sat. 10Pm-Midnight) Check out hiw art and radio work at http://www.rabideye.com http://1000tinymagnets.wordpress.com

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