Podcast site is back!

I am happy to announce our podcast site is back thanks to me and mostly Terry Joyce! I know you are busy as of late Terry but thanks so much for getting it fixed for us!

To make the news even better, nothing has been lost unlike the main site. All the podcasts, posts, images, content are all still there. As things have changed a little, please let me or Terry know if there are any problems or broken links and such.

The link to CJMP’s Podcast site is above in the menu bar or right here written out for you: podcast.cjmp.ca As for podcasters who want to upload their podcast here is the link for doing just that written out here: podcast.cjmp.ca/uploadpodcast/ So update your bookmarks listeners and podcasters.


Lowell Boran
CJMP Webmaster

One thought on “Podcast site is back!

  1. Flaming Arrow

    I like your work; the only balanced approached. The local rag had integrity..Supreme Court ruling was in favor of the the unfunded Elders.. “Judge Savage; “I cannot recommend BC and Canada to ratify the Sliammon Treaty given the corruption via affidavits amid 370 signature in opposition of this questionable process led by Roy and Denise Francis (brother and sister team which was never vetted through due process) nor discussed with respect to posting a very important role(s); Direct awards of this high level work is nothing less than non-intelligent; it demonstrates a “blank-cheque” approach and has led to blatant “conflict of interest”. Fish and Aquaculture, identifying “corruption” publicly resulted in ranting by defending “fair arrangement” even when “all costs never come from people directly involved (membership dollars pay for their fuel etc..). Additional income on top of the 1000 per/day (Francis negotiators) and still 87% line up at BmO on the 1st of the month to cash their $185.00 SA cheque to last these most vulnerable for the month..It appears the 30 million to-date has gone without to much thought to those in line. It seems there is the typical “Indian agent” attitude; only the modern day Indian agent is us and with the neglect of our own..tells me some were taught (beaten) well as its reflective of how negotiators, manageger , carreer politicians treat poverty – throw a few dollars to the most poor with little to no empathy…typical way of the old washed up politician…..Sliammon NEEDS political change.

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